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what will you be cooking today?

House of Deli is an online grocery store in the heart of Crete. It combines tradition with a look at the world! Our goal is to offer our guests a delicious trip to the delicacies of Greece, but also access to gastronomic pleasures from around the world!

On the shelves, but also in our e-shop, you will find everything you are looking for to create from traditional Greek dishes full of warmth, to the most imaginative recipes of Asian and international cuisine.

Spices from the depths of the East, a variety of aromatic herbs, freshly brewed coffees, organic products, super foods, fine nuts and dried fruits, sauces, pasta and a wide collection of unique handmade dishes from all over Greece, are just some of the products that compose the range of our store.

Our philosophy is summarized in the following sentence:

If you want to travel in an instant, make a trip with the flavors and aromas.


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  • watermelon chupa cups

    Sparkling Soda Watermelon 345 CHUPA CHUPS

    2.05 Add to cart
  • stranberry syrup

    Strawberry Syrup 710ML

    6.04 Add to cart
  • spicy habaneros sauce el yucateco 120ml

    Spicy Habanero sauce El Yucateco 120ml

    3.61 Add to cart
  • salsa habanero caribbean extra hot 120ml

    Salsa Habanero Caribbean Extra Hot 120ml

    2.86 Add to cart
  • chopped cactus800g san marcos

    Chopped Cactus 800g San Marcos

    5.25 Add to cart
  • sliced red chili jalapeño 215g

    Sliced Red Chili Jalapeño 215g San Marcos

    2.09 Add to cart
  • chipotles dulces 220

    Sweet chilli Chipotle Sauce 220gr

    3.02 Add to cart
  • chipotles adobados 215g

    Chipotle Chiles in Adobo Sauce 215gr San Marcos

    3.05 Add to cart
THE RECIPES & OUR NEWS what will you cook today?
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