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Coffee Espresso Arabica

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Coffee is a popular beverage worldwide, which is made from roasted and ground beans of the coffee tree or coffee plant. The coffee has a refreshing effect, which is due to the basic ingredient, caffeine, an alkaloid compound found in the seeds of the fruit.

The simplest definition of espresso is hot water passes under pressure from finely ground coffee. Then the water is flavoured coffee without boiling, thus maintaining the aroma and has a body of coffee. It is not the healthiest (remember that one instant corresponds with 2 French, 4 new and 8 espressos). In addition, each coffee is oxidized and this “accelerates” the results and impairment of caffeine.

The Arabica variety is the older of the two varieties. Believed to have originated from Ethiopia but, as indicated by its name, first cultivated in the Arabian Peninsula. 78% of the worlds’ coffee production is the variety ‘Arabica’. It grows best at high altitudes, has a very refined taste than other types of coffee and contains 1% caffeine. The Arabica variety nowadays is mainly produced in countries of Central and South America and is known for its’ strong aromatic flavour.  Made from high quality Arabica variety its’ manufacturing produces various types of pale brown, mild coffees.


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