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Filter Coffee (Arabica)

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Coffee is a popular beverage worldwide, which is made from roasted and ground beans of the coffee tree or coffee plant. The coffee has a refreshing effect, which is due to the basic ingredient, caffeine, an alkaloid compound found in the seeds of the fruit. The filter coffee, depending on how it is roasted and ground, is divided into French and espresso.

It is produced by adding natural or artificial flavours. The French consists of highly roasted and coarsely ground Arabica coffee. It is the older of the two varieties. Believed to have originated from Ethiopia but, as indicated by its name, first cultivated in the Arabian Peninsula. 78% of world coffee production is the variety ‘Arabica’.
It grows best at high altitudes, has a very refined taste than other types of coffee and contains 1% caffeine. The Arabica variety nowadays is mainly produced in countries in Central or South America and is known for its strong aromatic flavor.  Made from high quality Arabica, when manufactured, it produces various types of pale brown mild coffees.
The most known effect of coffee is in regard to the nervous system. In reasonable quantities, coffee improves mental abilities, as it causes alertness and reduces boredom. The main reason is that coffee contains caffeine, an alkaloid that acts as a tonic. For this reason, the coffee is usually consumed in the morning or during work.

More sensitive to the effects of caffeine are the elderly, especially for sleeping. In addition, children are more susceptible to its’ effects than adults, even in small doses. Often, pupils and students maintain their attention for several hours of reading that require examination, by means of coffee. In the human brain, caffeine causes vasoconstriction, while the peripheral vessels, dilate. Therefore, it can be used in some cases, medicinally for combating migraine and headaches. 

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