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Pure+Cretan+Thyme+Honey+950gr Pure+Cretan+Thyme+Honey+950gr Pure+Cretan+Thyme+Honey+950gr

Pure Cretan Thyme Honey 950gr

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Cretan thyme honey as a human food is one of the most valuable, nutritious and healthier foods. Greek thyme honey is a honey with many beneficial properties and most importantly has a wonderful and unique taste. Greek honey is perhaps the most powerful and healthy combination of beneficial properties for the well-being and well-functioning of the human body. Cretan honey is aromatic and viscous.

In short, Crete produces the most aromatic honey in the world: there are thousands of bushes that smell and some grow only in Crete. Cretan bee-keepers do not need to feed their bees sugar because there are no dead seasons, nor periods where wild vegetation is covered with snow so that they cannot find their own food.

Honey is generally an excellent sweetener, it contains sugars other than glucose that make it capable of being used even in cases of diabetes mellitus.

Cretan thyme honey gives energy to the muscles, clarity to the mind, disinfects and regulates the digestive system. Regular use of it energizes the body and prolongs life. Pure thyme is still recognized today for its therapeutic value in constipation, heart disease, anemia, adenopathy, and in cases of organ failure and failure.

Cretan honey is a completely natural product and is produced in areas with endemic vegetation. As it is known today, the island’s biosystem is rich in endemic plants and especially aromatic plants. These offer Cretan bees their favorite food.

The two most important types of honey produced here are thyme honey and pine honey. Thyme Cretan honey is lighter, sweeter and very aromatic, while pineapple is darker and less sweet. The practice of mixing the two honeys is also common, especially in areas where bees have access to both pine and thyme.

• Honey works against fatigue and this is achieved by storing fructose in the liver as glycogen. There it is converted into glucose, thereby increasing its blood content. It facilitates calcium absorption, activates osteogenesis.
• Cures or relieves internal disorders, stomach ulcers, insomnia, sore throats, some heart conditions and generally has a beneficial effect on the heart, increases blood hemoglobins and muscle strength,
• In external use heals burns, wounds and nasopharyngeal diseases thanks to inhidine which gives it bacteriostatic properties. Honey, then, is a staple in beekeeping but also a valuable ally of the human body.

Use it for vinaigrette in your salads and for a delicious dessert on your ice cream, yogurt and bread. Make delicious sweets, creams and basil pies with a unique taste and aroma.

Enjoy it in your hot beverage, tea and milk. Experiment with a variety of foods with the uniqueness of the flavor it provides.

Pure Cretan thyme honey is without preservatives


Glass Jar 950gr

From: Apokoronas – Crete – Greece

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