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Roasted Pistachio With Shell

Product code: TCP.120


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  • 500gr (-5%)
  • 1000gr (-10%)

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Pistachios from the island of Εgina  are one of the most special products in Greece. They are the most quality and tasty on the market. We should also emphasize that pistachios are a great overkill for our body.

Egina’s  pistachios are a superfood that should become part of our daily routine such as breakfast, as a quick snack on cereal bars, salads and sweets.

Pistachios is  in addition to being enjoyable, can at the same time reduce the risk of heart problems, help lower cholesterol, eating pistachios have a beneficial effect on our eyes, may weaken you. Also, consuming about a handful of pistachios can help to lose weight by reducing appetite and not raising blood sugar levels. Finally make our skin healthier and our hair look healthier and denser.

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