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Apricot kernels butter ΒΙΟ 250gr

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Pure pulp 100% of the apricot kernels without any admixture and salt-free, takes off the taste and satisfies even the most demanding. Based on a homemade recipe from Greek hands comes to offer something different to what we have known so far.
Perhaps this is the most valuable superfood.Its production was based exclusively on sweet apricot kernels. With rich anti-cancer effect, high vitamin B17 content (amygdalin) is a shield for the body against free radicals.Why apricot kernels are considered anti-cancer:They contain the amygdalin (B17) which is considered to be the most potent anticancer substance.
However, B17 is not considered a cancer drug when it has already occurred. According to scientists, the use of amygdalin (B17) is more proactive than therapeutic. It is believed that chronic deficiency in amygdalin (B17) leads to a reduction in the body’s resistance to malignancy. Apricots are high on the lists of fruits and vegetables that help prevent certain types of cancer – mainly lung and possibly pancreatic.
This is because they contain large amounts of b-carotene, a form of vitamin A that is strong against cancer, such as lung and skin cancer.
Use: Enjoy plain, in bread or baked goods of your choice, with yogurt or muesli as well as pastries.
Recommended daily consumption: one teaspoonIt may contain traces of nuts and sesame seeds.

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