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Gift Card

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Send your friend a special Gift Card which they can use within our eshop.

How it works:

a) fill in all the required data below
b) select the amount your Gift Card will have. You may also select multiple Gift Cards to send.
c) select “add to cart”
d) continue to pay for your Gift Card

Your friend will receive the Gift Card you sent them as soon as you have completed your checkout process and the Gift Card has been paid for.

Once your friend has the Gift Card, they will be able to use it in our eshop. The Gift Card number will be used during the checkout process.

If the amount they will use is less than the Gift Card, then they will be able to use the Gift Card again until the whole amount has been used.

If the amount is more than the Gift Card, then your friend will have to pay the extra additional amount during their checkout.

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