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Our physical store “1000+1 Flavours” was created with the original idea of offering a place with a real traditional feeling and with products from around the world, such as pure spices, a wide variety of herbs and a rich selection of teas, a unique variety of coffees and dried fruits, quality organic products, high quality supplements, fresh and delicious nuts and a wide range of unique, handmade and traditional products from all over Greece.

In the village “Kalyves” of the region Apokoronou, in the Chania Prefecture, which still retains its character along with tourism development, our main idea was to initially find the right place to be able to serve our customers. The care of the land, the preservation and cultivation of many species, the importance of quality, the support of domestic production that one encounters here, are solid foundations to enhance the authenticity of the products and to spread our knowledge to our guests.

In our store we meet and co-exist with products from Crete, the rest of Greece and all corners of the world at extremely affordable prices. Our visitors, locals and foreigners, can get to know individual high quality products. They will find handmade, organic, sweets, pasta, drinks, varieties of aromatic herbs and coffees, rich collections of teas, fresh nuts and “supplements” that provide health and wellness.

We also export! We are sure that you will find our online shop a pleasure to use!