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  • collagen ramune
    New Arrival

    Ramune Carbonated Soft Drink Lyncee & Collagen Flavour 200ML GENKI

    3.59 Add to cart
  • seasoning sauce
    New Arrival

    Multi Seasoning Sauce 200GR MAGGI

    2.19 Add to cart
  • korean grill sauce
    New Arrival

    Sukiyaki & Korean Grill Sauce 300ML NONGPORN

    4.59 Add to cart
  • rice vermicelli
    New Arrival

    Rice Vermicelli 400GR BAMBOO TREE

    3.98 Add to cart
  • coconut water
    New Arrival

    Coconut Water 1LT BAMBOO WATER

    3.40 Add to cart
  • sushi rice
    New Arrival

    Sushi Rice Royal Orient Premium 5kg

    16.90 Add to cart
  • vermicelli noodles

    Extra Spicy instant noodles Vermicelli 108GR BAIJIA

    2.29 Read more

    Out of stock

  • korean bbg marinade
    New Arrival

    Korean BBQ Mild & Sweet Bulgogi 280GR O'FOOD

    2.99 Add to cart
  • stainless steel chopstick

    Premium Chopsticks Stainless Steel 5 pairs

    6.00 Add to cart
  • sweet sour sauce

    Premium Sweet - sour sauce 455 ML EXOTIC FOOD

    5.99 Add to cart
  • wasabi paste

    Premium Wasabi Paste 43GR KINJIRUSHI

    2.19 Read more

    Out of stock

  • soy sauce dark

    Premium Dark Soy Sauce 1,9LT LEE KUM KEE

    12.15 Add to cart
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