easter around the world

Easter Around the World

Easter is connected with customs but also with food. In Greece, the most popular Easter food is the “tsoureki”, a kind of sweet-tasting bread and dyed red eggs. Every country has traditional foods and today we will learn about some of them.

United Kingdom – Simnel Cake
This traditional sweet is traditionally eaten on Sundays during the Lent. It is covered with roasted marzipan and 11 or 12 marzipan balls that symbolize the 12 apostles.

Russia – Pashka
This sweet is made with cream cheese and cottage cheese and eaten alone or with bread. Usually decorated with dried fruits.

Argentina – Easter Tart
This crumbly dish is eaten during the Lent. It is stuffed with ricotta, egg, spinach, parsley and artichoke.

Mexico – Capirotada
This sweet bread is covered with sugar syrup, cinnamon sticks and carnation.

France – Leg of Lamb
This relatively simple dish consists of a lamb leg to which garlic and other herbs are added and baked in the oven.

Finland – Mämmi
This sweet needs preparation days because it has to stay in the refrigerator for 4 days. Traditionally it is made with water, molasses, fermented rye powder and rye flour. Served with orange peel.

Italy – Colomba di pasqua
Sweet bread, like the Christmas panettone, has a dove shape and symbolizes peace. It is stuffed with candied fruits and sprinkled with almonds and sugar beads.

Ecuador – Fanesca
Fanesca is a soup containing fava, pumpkin, corn, rice, garlic, onion, peas, milk and cod. Ideally it contains a total of 12 species of “seeds” that symbolize the 12 apostles, while the cod symbolizes Christ.

Germany – Chervil soup
This soup is usually eaten on Good Thursday, made with a crutch, a herb related to parsley.

Spain – Rosquillas
These sweets look like a donut, but the taste is closer to cake. This is because they are made with fermented flour instead of yeast. They are usually served sprinkled with sugar.

United States – Roasted hams
This dish is a traditional US plate and has a sweet taste due to its coating of honey and brown sugar. Alternatively, it may also be coated with pineapple pieces.

Each country has its own Easter customs and food. If you want to try something different you can visit our e-shop and order the best herbs and spices for your Easter creations.