What it means to be vegan

A new way of life is veganism whose basic principle is the exclusion of all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty.
A vegan is one who with a full conscience does not harm, kill, use any animal for food, clothing or any form of exploitation.
They are not just vegetarians but they consciously abstain from any animal-produced product. Their philosophy varies considerably depending on the different parts of the world, but is generally opposed to any animal exploitation.
Vegans follow a strict vegetarian diet, ie they avoid any food of animal origin such as meat, fish, shellfish and insects, dairy products, eggs and honey, as well as items made from animal parts such as wool, skin, feathers and and products tested on animals.

The basis of the vegetarian diet includes 5 basic food groups, namely vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals, and nuts.
The vegan diet today works with substitutions and uses of products that we have hardly imagined, rarely lags behind in something and often arouses the interest of people who do not share the same ideology. Some of the most popular vegan products are soy products, a source that offers – along with mushrooms and some cereals – the necessary amounts of protein and molasses, especially rich in iron. Avocados or bananas are just as popular as melted butter as a substitute for butter in many pastry recipes.

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