Homemade Eggplant Salad

Homemade low-calorie eggplant salad, with a delicious taste and quick execution that we can serve as an appetizer or like a daily salad

Chicken with basmati rice

Delicious healthy tasty Chicken with Basmati Rice is a simple nutritious daily meal with fresh spices, herbs and vegetables

Vegan Pasticcio

The vegan pasticcio is a tasty and health plate for vegan and vegeterians  or for people that they want to try altervatives ways of cooking . This pasta pie with the Greek flavour and aroma you can add it in your life very easily.  

Vegan Orange Tart

The vegan orange tart is a tasty pie for vegans and vegetarians. This sweet is very health and you can eat it without guilt!!!! This tart is an ideal combination to accompany your afternoon tea.